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- Top 100 - 

I am enclosing my all time 100 songs courtesy  of my friend and colleague Dave Bates aka DB.  DB is famous in the industry for discovering & championing new talent. His signings are legendary. He used to make CDs of all the music he loved for each year & send them to you for Christmas….db’s finestkind. To be on this list either as an artist or as recipient was an honour. We all looked forward to db’s finestkind. Eclectic and rewarding, Now he’s made a


Anyway he’s asked some people to curate their guest list all time 100 Songs. Obviously this is invidious for anyone, let alone a maker of music. Taste is fluid and fickle. But this is heart on my sleeve…. some of the many songs that have influenced me to do what I do past, present, and future". 

Many thanks DB

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