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       I became a professional musician in the late 70's as a teenage graduate of the then musical revolution in London... Punk Rock.


     My first group, The Vibrators, became popular with the public but unfortunately not the press (we could play our instruments!). Two albums and numerous tours ensued to some critical acclaim so recording sessions and subsequent offers started coming in from various named artists/bands of that period.


An approach by boyhood heroes Roxy Music  followed, with the Manifesto and Flesh and Blood albums/tours. By the onset of the 80's Roxy had it's first number one UK single 'Jealous Guy'.

A stint in Los Angeles was next, culminating in an album with US power pop band Code Blue.

On returning to London I was approached by Adam Ant, and realising his new 'vision' I gladly joined Adam and the Ants and became an ‘Ant’ . Hit records followed during the first half of the 80's.


I also worked with the likes of Roger Daltrey, Hazel O'Conner, Tom Verlaine, Stewart Copeland, Bryan Ferry, Carlene Carter and many more during this time.

Television and Theatre acting now also started to become a factor and a Johnathan Miller Opera (Beggars Opera). A couple of BBC TV Dramas followed.

I also performed on stage in musicals, notably the lead in 'Tommy' and' Chess'.


In the nineties I moved to NY, teamed up with Miami Steve Van Zandt and some of Bruce Springsteen's E street band, recorded with country superstar Dolly Parton and then back to UK for 2 years working with Kirsty Macoll.


I returned to Los Angeles in the mid 90’s and with the onset of new technology I started concentrating on composing production music for BMG and later Universal as well as joining my next band The Fixx in early 2002.

After parting company with The Fixx, I turned my hand to production, artist development and songwriting in Sydney with Australian production house Alchemy music group as well as continuing composing music for tv/radio/advertising media.

I plan to continue composing in the future as well as working as a touring and recording musician. 

 - GT

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